CNC Group started with just three members, Carter Dental Lab, Natura-Like Dental Laboratory, and Centric Dental Laboratory. In the nearly 20 years since our founding, CNC Group has grown to encompass over 260 dental laboratories in the United States and Canada.

CNC Group serves as a national synergistic resource for North American dental labs. We function on the fact that the sum of our parts is greater than the whole. Our combined power and influence allow our individual members to compete on a higher level. We support laboratories that prioritize quality and customer service. Our goal is to stem the tide of consolidation so that the dental laboratory industry can remain diverse and unmonopolized.

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Razi Setoodegan Headshot

Razi Setoodegan

Executive Director
Dental Technician & Dental Assistant

Razi has worked in the Dental Industry for over 25 years. Because of her role working in dental labs, lab-focused companies, and service providers she will serve our growing community well. She is passionate about working with Dental Labs and helping them thrive.

Board of Directors

CNC Group’s board is made up of dental industry veterans who understand the needs of laboratories. Through their insight and passion, they are able to help labs thrive and grow through exclusive deals.

Mike Zuber Headshot

Mike Zuber

Founder and President of the CNC Group

Mike is the Founder and President of the CNC Group. He is also the owner and CEO of Watson Signature Dental Lab in Hutto, Texas, a suburb of Austin. Mike attended Weatherford Junior College and later the University of Oklahoma. He has over 32 years in the dental industry. In the early years, he was co-owner of Shaver Dental Supply and also published a dental magazine, the Dental Dealer. He was manager of business development for Dentsply/Ceramco, where he won top sales awards for many years and is also a member of the Presidents Inner Circle. He retired from Dentsply in 2003.

Gerald Carter Headshot

Gerald Carter

President & Owner of the Carter Dental Lab

Gerald Carter served in the United States Airforce for six years where he received his lab education. In 1977, he began his career in dental lab work. He is currently the President and owner of the Carter Dental Lab of Stuttgart, AR. Carter Dental Lab is responsible for providing the dental profession with quality restorations and personal services throughout the State of Arkansas. Carter plays a substantial role in several business entities that benefit not only the community he resides in, but the entire State of Arkansas. His most recent venture, CNC buying group, has single handedly saved many businesses thousands of dollars in overhead expenses. Carter has served on The Farmers and Merchants Bank and Bankshares board for twenty-three years.

Reed Nunnally Headshot

Reed Nunnally

President, Derby Dental and Phase Ortho

Reed graduated from the University of Louisville College of business with BSBA in Marketing. In his 10 years in the dental space he has guided Derby in becoming one of the largest and most respected laboratories in the nation. In 2017 Reed also founded Phase Ortho, one of the fastest growing Clear Aligner manufactures that has spread their footprint across 4 continents. Reed currently holds positions as Vice President of TEREC, NA, board of directors for the CNC Group, board of directors for the CAL Lab group and sits on the Oral Health Leadership Council for Carbon.

Robert P. Marbach Headshot

Robert P. Marbach

Founder of Authentic Dental Lab

Bob is the Founder of Authentic Dental Lab in San Antonio, TX. He is a Past Board of Directors at The Pankey Institute and is a Board Certified Dental Technician currently working on his Masters in dental technology with over 35 years of dental experience. Bob received his Technical Certificate of Completion from the Pankey Institute and is a past member of the Advisory Board for The Canadian Journal of Dental Technology. He is also a member of the prestigious TEREC Group, a technical research consortium. Bob has lectured internationally for many years and his lecture has received approval from the Academy of General Dentistry. He has also received his Fellowship in the Academy of Dental Facial Esthetics and received the National Association of Dental Laboratories Inventor’s Award for developing and patenting the “Shade Wand”, a shade-taking light used by dentists worldwide. Most recently, he was inducted into the American Society For Advanced Dental Esthetics.

David Tietz Headshot

David Tietz

Founder & Owner of Centric Dental Laboratory, Inc.

David has served in the dental industry for over 35 years as a CDT/ He graduated from Texas State Technical Institute in 1979 with a degree in Dental Technology. He then opened Centric Dental Laboratory, Inc, a Certified Dental Laboratory, in Bullard, Texas. Centric is a PACE-certified laboratory, allowing David to spearhead continuing education events for local dental professionals.