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Are you a dental professional in the United States or Canada? Contact us today to discover the incredible discounts afforded by membership in CNC Group. By partnering with various laboratories, we are able to save our members thousands of dollars a month.

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The CNC Group is a group of independently owned dental laboratories joined together for the transaction of lawful business and to share knowledge, techniques, and business operating procedures through the association of business owners and managers. 

About Us

CNC Group was founded on December 3, 2002, by a small group of laboratory owners. (The name originated from the three original laboratories, Carter, Natura-Like, and Centric.) Brought together by our common interest in acquiring products and services at discounted rates based on volume purchasing commitments by their laboratories, we also have a common desire to share knowledge, techniques, and operating procedures. CNC Group met again in 2003 and held its first formal meeting between dental groups and potential vendors in Biloxi, Mississippi, in July 2004.


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