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Benefiting Dental Labs Since 2002

Offering services to dentists and dental labs throughout Canada and the United States, CNC Group has been in operation for more than 15 years. We now have more than 60 members enjoying our great discounts.

Helping Our Members

Formed to create direct partnerships between independent dental labs and the vendors that supply them, we help our members by negotiating special rates, developing educational programs, providing HR services, and much more. Joining our large dental buying group can save you thousands of dollars a month! Our contacts with UPS and a number of other suppliers, consultants, and manufacturers guarantees you remarkable privileges. We will also soon be moving towards excellent service contracts! Contact us today to discover how to join.

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Becoming a Member

CNC Group has a national synergistic effect, where "the sum of the parts is greater than the whole." Everyone in the group benefits from open communication and mutual regard of other members. Individual laboratories share the combined talents and expertise of other members across the country, often gaining a solution to a problem of their own. Also, everyone can reap savings from volume purchasing programs of participating vendors.

Contact us today for a copy of our CNC Group Membership Application, Confidentiality Agreement, and Code of Ethics. We look forward to hearing from you!